Earth Habit



“I was experiencing terrible tendinitis in my wrist and nothing seemed to help. I purchased “My Familiar” CBD tincture for my cat and decided to use some topically on my wrist. After two weeks my tendinitis is completely gone. It also helped relax my cat. It was our first time using CBD and I am very happy I decided to go with Earth Habit.”

Aly H.

Jacksonville, FL


“As a practitioner of Jiu Jitsu I put a lot of thought into my self care. Training a martial art can really take a toll on the body and I wanted a CBD tincture that could keep up. I’ve used different CBD products before but “The Teacher” by Earth Habit has everything I need in an elixir. I like that it is full spectrum and contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes that offer so much healing and pain relief. It also has a great Earthy taste that I enjoy, especially when added to my morning coffee w/ some cardamom and cinnamon!”

Chad B.

Portland, OR


“My dad and I both use Earth Habit CBD. Him for a painful rib injury and restlessness and myself for chronic back pain. This product truly helps and has opened the mind of a traditional “ol’ boy” to new, alternative therapies.”

Courtney G.

Tulsa, OK


“I had tried other hemp companies for managing my generalized anxiety, chronic pain (in my back and hands) as well as debilitating PMS pain but nothing seemed to work. I decided to try “The Shaman” after hearing about Sora’s journey and company and it’s like the clouds have finally parted. The racing thoughts I have at night are calm, and with just a small dose even my most severe aches and pains become manageable. The care Sora puts into her products is clear, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Kristen R. -

Portland, OR


“I first discovered Sora Blu on Etsy. I was drawn to her apothecary and the fact that she had Crohn’s Disease like myself. She inspired me to look deeper into natural remedies for healing. Then when her CBD line launched I couldn’t wait to try. I use “The Shaman” for abdominal pain and before bed in my tea. I also vaporize Earth Habit CBD during unexpected discomfort on the go. I’ve tried multiple brands and Earth Habit is by far the best one I’ve come across.”

Jessi H.

Burnsville, MN


“I began using “The Shaman” for chronic neck and shoulder pain. I have narrowing C3 and C4 and despite waking up in pain every morning often leading to migraines. Nothing I tried seemed to help. When using “The Shaman” I have no need for the OTC pain relievers I had been using multiple times a day. My mood has also greatly improved. I feel much calmer and am in the process of weening off my anti-anxiety medication. (Something I’ve wanted to do for over a decade).”

Sarah W.

Winchester, VA


“I struggled for a couple months deciding which CBD product to try. There is just so much out there it was overwhelming. Luckily I’ve followed Sora for years and made the right decision trying Earth Habit! I’d never used CBD oil before, but wanted to try a new avenue for managing my anxiety. “The Teacher” has changed the game for me. I feel calmer, at ease and less prevalent to sweating the small stuff. Anxiety is a semi new experience for me; I was at a loss on how to get a handle on it. “The Teacher” brings me relief without other unwanted side-effects. I take a dropper in the morning and before bed. I feel safe using her products and feel great supporting her small business. I will absolutely be purchasing her oil again.”

Savannah S.

Maryville, TN


“We recently rescued an abused dog that was experiencing severe separation anxiety. Now we give him a few drops of “My Familiar” before leaving the house and he sleeps like an angel and greets us with a wag. I myself have fibromyalgia and anxiety and I can’t tell you how much “The Teacher” helps me on a day when my normal medications aren’t enough. It calms my nerves and releases on muscles. I also use “The Seeker” topical CBD for intense neck tension. I feel an almost immediate release when I apply it to my neck and ears.”

Aubrie A.

Los Angeles, CA


“I’ve wanted to ween off anxiety medication for years knowing there are many different and more natural ways to cope with it. I tried “The Teacher” 300mg CBD tincture and within 3 days was more at ease than I had in a long time. Within ten minutes of a dose I feel more relaxed and stay relaxed for the rest of the day. I’m now on my second bottle! I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs to take the edge off!”

Meg L.

Groton, MA